Learning How to Use Multi-layer Rack in Air Fryer: 2022 Guide

Air frying is a great method for cooking a wide variety of food. It’s different from the conventional oven or microwaves because it uses hot air to cook or deep fry. Air fryers are equipped with heating elements and fans that circulate the hot air around your food.

Most of the time, you have to cook your food in batches because the fryer can’t take it all at once. But if you know how to use multi-layer rack in air fryer, you can cook significantly more food at once.

This article will show you all you need to know about using multi-layer racks. 

how to use multi layer rack in air fryer

Steps On How to Use Multi-layer Rack in Air Fryer

If you’ve tried stacking food without a rack, your food probably didn’t come out the way you wanted – especially frozen items like beef or chicken. You can prevent undercooked or soggy food by learning how to use multi-layer racks in air fryers instead of stacking the food on top of each other. 

Let’s see how it’s done: 

Get Your Multi-layer Rack

We’re often eager to start cooking with our air fryer and forget some important details. Before you can start cooking multiple foods in your fryer, you need to get a rack. However, the types of racks vary since there are different types of fryers. 

Don’t just rush to get any type of multi-layer rack. There is a good chance it might not fit your fryer. Instead, check out the specs of your fryer – such as the size, depth, and capacity. Using this information, you can now go ahead to pick a multi-layer rack that will fit nicely.

Set Your Rack 

Once you’ve got the right rack for your air fryer, place the rack inside the fryer. You can test the integrity of the rack before you proceed to cook on it.

We advise that you try applying a little force to each rack layer to ensure your rack can take the weight of the food.

You’ll also want to ensure that the air fryer basket or rack is well-set or properly positioned. 

Note that your rack should go in first before your food. It is not a good idea to stack food into your multi-layer rack before placing it in the fryer. There’s a good chance you’ll over stack the rack, it won’t fit, or itmight not sit well in the fryer. 

Arrange Marinated Food At The Base

When arranging any piece of food on the rack, it’s important that marinated food stays on the bottom rack. If you place marinated food on the upper rack, it will start dripping down to the food at the bottom. If you don’t mind this, you can go ahead. But if you do mind, make sure you place marinated or fatty food at the bottom.  

Arrange Slow Cooking Food at the Base of the Rack

Most people don’t pay attention to how they arrange the content of their racks. But arranging your food without proper planning can cause it to be poorly cooked or soggy. 

The air fryer is designed with the heating element placed at the bottom. So you can expect that the heat will be coming from the base of the fryer, and that is where it will be hotter. 

With this logic in mind, it’s better to place slow cooking food on the rack closest to the bottom of your fryer. Slow cooking food includes proteins like chicken wings, beef, and steak. 

You should put any frozen food at the base. It will thaw faster and be ready at the same time as others on the top rack.

Arrange Fast Cooking Food On The Upper Rack 

If you’ve placed the slow cooking food or frozen food on the bottom rack, it’s only natural to place the fast cooking food on the top rack. 

The fast cooking food obviously won’t take as much time as the slow cooking food, so putting fast food on the bottom rack can result in them burning or being overdone. 

Examples of fast cooking food are broccoli, carrots, potato slices, chicken nuggets, and many more. Also, non-frozen food should take the upper rack when cooked with frozen foods. 

Keep An Eye on The Racks

Cooking food in the air fryer is not a science with a set formula. There are a lot of variables. The point is that you need to keep an eye on the rack’s contents. 

The food on racks will not always be done at the same time. If you’re making fast cooking and slow cooking food simultaneously, it is expected that the fast cooking food will be ready first, and you’ll need to take it out.

If you’re cooking the same type of food on both racks, the ones on the bottom rack will likely get done faster. This is because they’re closer to the heat.

Ensure you keep an eye on your fryer until all the food is ready. 

Advantages of Using an Air Fryer Rack

  • Using an air fryer rack allows you to cook more food at a time
  • You can cook two or more different types of foods simultaneously, depending on the number of layers on the rack
  • The racks are easy to clean

Disadvantages of Using an Air Fryer Rack 

  • Due to the limited space between the rack layers, you’ll need to cut your food into much smaller sizes
  • A lot of thought and attention will have to go into the food arrangement on the air fryer rack


There are different air fryer multi-layer racks. Most are double layer racks but some have up to three layers. These racks allow you to cook more food at a time, with improved air circulation. 

The rack size also varies. You’ll need to get one that is compatible with your fryer. Then you’ll need smaller pieces and cuts of food if you’re going to use a rack.

Using a multi-layer air fryer rack is not a difficult task, you might just have to pay attention to a few little details. However, if you follow our guide on how to use multi-layer racks in air fryers, you are good to go!