Learning How to Cook Dino Nuggets in Air Fryer

Kids love Dino nuggets (especially picky eaters). They’re chicken nuggets in the form of their favorite, friendly dinosaur shapes. Dino nuggets are kid-friendly and easy to make within a short time.

We’ll show you how to cook Dino chicken nuggets in your air fryer so you get the perfect crispy nuggets for snack time.

What Is an Air Fryer? 

Before we get into discussing how to cook Dino nuggets in air fryers, some might be wondering what an air fryer is, or why not just use an oven or microwave instead. 

Let’s answer these questions. First, an air fryer is more or less like an oven, except instead of pure heat, it uses hot air to cook food. 

how to cook dino nuggets in air fryer

Why Should I Use an Air Fryer Instead?

Compared to the use of an oven or microwave, air frying has proven to be a more healthy way to prepare your meals. With air frying, you require less oil or grease. This means fewer calories.

Air frying also saves you a lot of time. You can prepare meals faster and with a safer technique. 

Preparing Your Dino Nuggets in the Air Fryer

A major benefit of Dino Nuggets is that they’re pre-cooked and made for immediate consumption. The processing of these nuggets has already eliminated all the stress required to prepare it from scratch. However, we can’t eat all the nuggets at once, so we store them in the freezer. 

Freezing is a great way to preserve our nuggets and keep them fresh. But freezing also means we can easily ruin them if not appropriately reheated. 

We can try several methods to heat our nuggets, but they often end up soggy. Air fryers are the solution. They’re the perfect way to reheat nuggets without any casualty.

how to cook dino nuggets in air fryer

Why Should I Use Air Fryers for My Nuggets?

We’ve mentioned some reasons earlier, but let’s get more specific to Dino nuggets: 

They’ll Taste Better

The last thing you want your nuggets to be is soggy. Reheating frozen nuggets can quickly go wrong, especially if you’re not using the right amount of heat.

If you’ve tried using a microwave to heat your nuggets, you know that they come out soggy more often than not. The same thing can be said about ovens.

Air fryers give you the crispiest nuggets you can get – which is how your nuggets should be. 

They’ll Take Less Time to Reheat 

We all know how excruciating it can be having to wait in front of the microwave or oven for the timer to run out. With an air fryer, you can get your nuggets done and crispy within a few minutes. Usually around 8 to 10.

They’ll Have Reduced Calories

To properly reheat your chicken nuggets, you must add extra oil for the deep-fry method. However, research shows that fried food is not too healthy for you. You don’t need to add oil with air fryers – making this method the healthier option.

How to Cook Dino Nuggets in Air Fryers

Cooking your nuggets with an air fryer is not rocket science. It’s easy! All you need do is follow these steps, and you’re good to go. 

Step 1

When you get your frozen chicken nuggets out of the freezer, it is expected that there will be frost all over them. You can leave them out for a few minutes to thaw. Although this step is not completely necessary, it will reduce the water content that will get into your air fryer and reduce the time it will require.

Step 2 

This step includes getting your nuggets into the tray or air fryer basket.

A common mistake people make is getting all the nuggets into the fryer at once, and they end up stacking nuggets. Doing this is wrong, and your nuggets will not fry evenly.

Ensure that all your nuggets are lying evenly (in a single layer) on the tray. You can make them in batches if the tray can’t take them all at once. 

Step 3

Once you’ve prepared the tray or air fryer basket, the next step is to turn on your fryer. 

The recommended cook time for Dino nuggets is 10-12 minutes, at a temperature of 165F (74C). Although the cooking time can vary depending on how frozen the nuggets are, this is where the first step comes in handy. 

If you feel your nuggets are not crispy enough for your taste at the end of this time, you can add 2 to 3 extra minutes. 

Step 4

This step is a bonus, and it works like a charm. You can leave the air-fried nuggets exposed to air for a few minutes if you have time.

Leaving them exposed to air makes them crispier and improves the taste. You can now serve you and your kids these delicious nuggets. 

Serving Your Dino Nuggets 

There are numerous ways to serve these classic nuggets.

The standard way everybody knows and likes is with fries. You can add some fries to the mix and then spice it up with tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, or any of your favorite dipping sauces.

You can also decide to do something different and experiment with potatoes. For a healthier option, you can try them with fruits and vegetables. Fried broccoli, sauteed veggies, roasted carrots, are some options. 

Tips For Using the Air Fryer 

  • Unlike regular ovens, you don’t need to preheat your fryer before throwing in your nuggets. However, you will need to reduce the fry time for the subsequent batches because your fryer will have heated up from the first batch. 
  • Remember not to stack nuggets, this will affect how crispy they will be. The ones that overlap might end up soggy. 
  • There is no need to add oil for any reason. Your fryer only needs air and not the slightest bit of oil. 

Final Thoughts

Dino nuggets are an excellent choice for your kids. The dinosaur designs make mealtime exciting. You can also conveniently store them in the freezer and reheat them within a few minutes. 

Air frying is the best choice for reheating your frozen Dino nuggets. It’s faster and healthier. Now that we’ve shown you how to cook Dino nuggets on air fryers, just follow the steps and you’ll have yourself a great meal in no time. 



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