The Best Recipe to Cook Frozen Garlic Bread in Air Fryer

Are you a fan of garlic bread but don’t want the hassle of baking it in the hot oven? Well, have we got good news for you! You can make delicious frozen garlic bread in air fryer with just a few simple steps.

In this recipe guide, we will share our favorite recipe for air fry garlic bread. So whether you are looking for an easy weeknight dinner or a delicious appetizer for your next party, this recipe is sure to work for you.

Frozen Garlic Bread In An Air Fryer Recipe


Frozen pieces of garlic bread


Unwrap the frozen garlic bread wrapper off and cut it into pieces. The pieces should fit the size of your air fryer basket. Cutting the garlic bread into tiny chunks is always a good idea.

Air fryers, as you may know, cook food by circulating hot air. As a result, when smaller pieces are laid out on the basket, there will be spaces between them, allowing air to circulate efficiently. Once you do this in an air fryer, it guarantees even frying.

You may not even have to cut smaller pieces if you have a larger air fryer or are only preparing half or a tiny quantity of the garlic bread. However, if you only have a smaller basket and want to fit more garlic bread in it, cutting the bread into small chunks will help.

Once you have sliced up the pieces of garlic bread, spread the pieces in the air fryer basket in a way that allows air to circulate through the pieces of bread. You do not need to lubricate the basket’s tray since bread sticking will not be an issue, but you can still do it.

Make sure that you keep the bread from overlapping so that it can cook evenly. Overlapping can make the vapors from underneath the bread permeate into the overlapping frozen garlic bread, making it mushy.

Place the frozen garlic bread in the air fryer basket and air fry at 370°F. The amount of frozen garlic bread you place inside the air fryer basket will determine how long it takes to cook. Cook until the bread has golden crispiness, or for 10 minutes until all of the butter has melted.

Benefits of Using This Recipe

  • It is not messy. Whenever you make it from frozen, you won’t have to deal with torn bread or half-melted butter.
  • You do not need oil. Many air fryer wholesome recipes call for an oil spray, but this one does not.
  • It is quick. It takes less time compared to using the oven method.
  • You can cook straight from the freezer. No thawing is required. You can move from the freezer to the air fryer in a single step.

Tips For Cooking Frozen Garlic Bread In An Air Fryer

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to cook frozen garlic bread, then look no further than your air fryer! Here are some tips to help you get the perfect results every time:

  • Always preheat the air fryer: This will help to ensure that the garlic bread cooks evenly.
  • Don’t defrost the garlic bread: You can cook it frozen, straight from the freezer.
  • Don’t overcrowd your air fryer: Make sure to leave enough space around the garlic bread so that hot air can circulate.
  • Be careful of the hot fryer: When you remove the garlic bread from the air fryer, use a pair of tongs or a spatula to remove it from the square basket.
  • Let it cool before serving: The garlic bread will be hot and steamy when it first comes out of the air fryer. Let it cool for 1-5 minutes before serving.
  • Don’t use oil: There’s no need to use oil when cooking frozen bread in an air fryer.
  • Adjust cook time based on the garlic bread’s size: If you’re cooking a large garlic bread, you may need to cook it for a minute or two longer than the recommended cook time.
  • Use foil to keep the garlic bread from sticking: If you’re worried about the garlic bread sticking to the air fryer basket, you can place a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom of the basket before adding the garlic bread.
  • Store leftovers in your fridge: Any leftover garlic bread can be stored in your fridge for up to three days.

Cooking Frozen Garlic Bread in an Air Fryer FAQs

Can I cook garlic bread in an air fryer?

Yes, you can cook fresh garlic bread in an air fryer. You will need to adjust the cooking time depending on the thickness of the frozen garlic bread brand. For example, if you are using frozen garlic bread that is pre-sliced, you will need to cook it for about 5-8 minutes.

The Best Recipe to Cook Frozen Garlic Bread in Air Fryer

What is the best way to cook garlic bread in an air fryer?

The best way to cook garlic bread in an air fryer is to preheat the air fryer before cooking. This will help the piece of bread to cook evenly. You don’t need to brush some olive oil on the perfect bread before cooking, but you can if you want to.

How long do I need to cook garlic bread in an air fryer?

Again, it depends on the thickness of your Italian bread. If you are using pre-sliced frozen garlic bread, you will need to cook it for about 3-6 minutes. But, if you made your own toast garlic bread, you will need to cook it for some additional minutes. So, it’s best to check on the garlic bread after 1-4 minutes of cooking.

Is it better to cook garlic bread in an air fryer or convection oven?

It really depends on your preference. If you want crispy air fryer frozen garlic bread, then you should cook it in an air fryer. But, if you want softer and fluffier ready-made garlic bread, then you should cook it in the mini oven.


So, there you have it! The best recipe to cook frozen garlic bread in air fryer. This simple and easy-to-follow guide should help you create a delicious and crispy-friendly snack that everyone will love.

An air fryer is a perfect appliance to cook frozen garlic bread. By following these simple steps, you can have delicious garlic bread that is crispy on the outside and warm and cheesy on the inside. Be sure to try out this recipe card for yourself with various models of air fryers.