COSORI vs Ninja Air Fryer: Which One to Get?

Air Fryers are one of the best culinary inventions of modern times and racing to be the best available are the COSORI vs Ninja air fryer.

What makes them unique? Well, the star appliances have the most comprehensive list of models available, versatile functions, and user-friendly systems.

Not to mention, they are relatively affordable too. Still, the question remains: which one to actually purchase? Are COSORI air fryers better than Ninja air fryers?

We answer all that and more in this comprehensive guide where we compare the two air fryer companies, their pros and cons, as well as a few basic tips to keep in mind before buying an air fryer.

All the Features to Consider When Buying an Air Fryer

An air fryer can cook, fry, steam, broil, bake, and even roast meats and vegetables, by using just hot air. It is a total game changer to keep your health in check, cook food quicker, and make the process more enjoyable.

However, not all air fryers are the same. There are a few things you must consider before buying an air fryer and some of them are highlighted below:


There are multiple varieties of air fryers available in the market today but all of it simply comes down to to two types of air fryers:

Convection Oven Air Fryer

Similar in style to a toaster oven, a convection oven air fryer can roast, toast, or broil meats and vegetables. They include racks inside to place the food in which allows an even cook on both sides.

Basket Air Fryers

The most popular choice of purchase, basket air fryers are similar in style to a deep fryer and include a basket to hold meats, seafood, vegetables, and baked goods. They generally cook faster than a convection oven air fryer.


Air Fryers come in a lot of different sizes and though most need plenty of space to sit, there are air fryers small enough to fit in a cabinet.

Larger air fryers are made to fit family-sized portions of food which can help cut down on cook time. These can usually hold up to 6 litres in weight and roast a whole chicken.

While other air fryers are made to blend in a small space seamlessly, these work best for people living solo. These air fryers can hold up to 2 litres in weight.

Peek Window

Most air fryers come with a built-in timer to help cooks know when their food is done. Though it is a great indicator, it can not alert one when their food is burning or is still undercooked.

This is why it is important to make sure the air fryer comes with a window to peek inside and stay on track with the food being cooked.

Basket air fryers do not come with a window but reheat fast if the tray is taken out and the heat seeps away. Convection ovens usually have a window installed.


Air Fryers can get pretty hot especially when the food being cooked requires a longer cook time. So make sure the air fryer you zero in on has an exterior that remains cool or comes with hand grips that are cool to touch, especially in a basket air fryer.

Also, the air fryer must have non-slip feet to keep it suctioned on the counter along with automatic shut offs to prevent over cooking the food.


Air fryers are also made with a dual-basket or a multi-tiered system where more than one racks are present to cook a large batch of food at one time.

There are many different types of multi-layer racks to fit all types of air fryers but generally, in all types, slow cooking or marinated foods are placed at the base of the rack while quick-cooked foods like vegetables, nuggets, and unfrozen food are placed on the upper rack.

This is because heating elements are installed on the bottom of the air fryer so when heat travels from the lower rack to the upper rack, all food will be cooked evenly without burning or turning soggy.


Air fryers make cooking a breeze to do and cleaning them is equally easy. Since there is little to no oil reaching the bottom of the basket or oven, it is only a matter of disassembling the air fryer and placing it in the dishwasher to effectively clean any residue.

 COSORI vs. Ninja Air Fryer

How are Ninja Air Fryers Better than COSORI Air Fryers?

Ninja air fryers take the competition with COSORI up a notch through multiple functions and to help you differentiate easily, we have listed down some of the most contrasting qualities of Ninja air fryers compared to COSORI air fryers.


Ninja air fryers come with a ceramic coated air fryer basket for healthier cooking and a stainless steel finish with a silver handle for cool-touch grip. COSORI air fryers, on the other hand, are black and do not have a ceramic basket.

Multi-Cooking Functions

A Ninja air fryer can dehydrate fruits and vegetables, roast a whole chicken, bake cakes, broil, and even reheat frozen foods. They are versatile and can function as multiple machines in one.

Temperature Range

Ninja air fryers have a wider temperature range than COSORI air fryers. Their latest models offer a range between 105 °F to 450 °F while the latest models of COSORI air fryers have a range between 170 °F and 400 °F.

Having a wider temperature range means Ninja air fryers will generally cook meats, vegetables, seafood etc faster than COSORI air fryers set at the same temperature. This helps cut down on cook time and prepare a bigger batch of food quicker.

Manual vs. Digital Control

Ninja air fryers come with a digital control panel on all models which allows ease of usage for young adults, senior citizens, as well as specially abled individuals.

What Advantage do COSORI Air Fryers Have Over Ninja Air Fryers?

Now that we have covered how Ninja air fryers are better than COSORI air fryers, let’s look into a few pros of COSORI air fryers that win over Ninja air fryers:


Most COSORI air fryers are made with BPA-free substances meaning the exterior as well as the non-stick interior are safe to use to cook food and will not harm your health.


COSORI air fryers are generally more affordable than Ninja air fryers, mostly because they do not include as many functions as a Ninja air fryer. This isn’t to say that COSORI air fryers are basic. In fact some models actually work better than Ninja air fryers for different foods, like chicken.


COSORI air fryers include a shake reminder function which alerts the user to flip the food inside. Also, the company has included a rotisserie function which allows users to quickly and efficiently cook a whole chicken.

Though Ninja air fryers can accommodate a whole chicken inside, having an extra button to cook chicken keeps users from over or undercooking it.


COSORI air fryers also include a manual control panel along with a digital screen which makes it inclusive to all and helps users navigate through the functions however they find easy.

Beginners will also appreciate the added preset function to cook most common foods like chicken, fried items, dumplings, etc. Also, some COSORI air fryers are small-space friendly.

Disadvantages to Consider Between COSORI and Ninja Air Fryers

Though both companies have done exceptionally well in launching air fryers that tackle most, if not all, problems, there are a few disadvantages between Ninja air fryers and COSORI air fryers to keep in mind when purchasing either one of them.

The built-in timer in COSORI air fryers is fragile and can get stuck or need to be rewinded when the basket is taken out to shake the food inside as the shake reminder beeps.

Though Ninja air fryers come with a comprehensive cookbook that has 100+ air fryer friendly recipes, they do not come with preset buttons and this can confuse beginners as well as experienced cooks, especially if this is their first air fryer.

In a similar take, COSORI air fryers come with preset buttons but the controls on the machine can sometimes suit users better, depending upon the size and type of food cooked, which can also confuse beginners.

Comparison Chart: COSORI vs Ninja Air Fryers

Let’s break down the pros and cons of Ninja air fryers and COSORI air fryers to help you easily streamline your purchase according to your needs:

Attributes Ninja Air Fryers COSORI Air Fryers
Build Quality Stainless steel finish BPA-free surface
Number of Models 4 categories of air fryers with 11 products each Around 10 models
Special Feature Ceramic coated basket Shake reminder
Control Panel Digital control panel Digital and manual control panels
Maximum Capacity 4 QT. – XL 3.4 QT. – 32 QT.
Dehydrator Available Not Available
Rotisserie Cook Not Available Available
Maximum Temperature Range Up to 450 °F Up to 400 °F
Most Popular Choice Ninja AF101, Ninja FD401 COSORI Max XL
Colour Silver Black, Silver
Price Tag Expensive Affordable

Comparison Between the Most Popular COSORI vs Ninja Air Fryer Models

COSORI Air Fryers

One of the most popular models from COSORI is their Max XL air fryer which has up to 11 preset functions. Then, they have the COSORI Large XL air fryer which is lighter than the Max XL, weighing only 12lb.

COSORI vs. Ninja Air Fryer

The CO130-AO air fryer by COSORI is a 12-in-1 appliance which includes a fermentation function. They also have the CO125-TO model which is an 11-in-1 gadget, including a preset to make pizza.

Lastly, their biggest air fryer yet is the 14-in-1 air fryer which has a capacity of up to 7 quarts and can feed a large family.

Ninja Air Fryers

Ninja has multiple categories of air fryers including a basket air fryer, a grill air fryer, an oven air fryer as well as a pressure cooker doubled as an air fryer. Among those, these are some of the most popular models they have:

The AF161 air fryer supports up to 5 functions including a dehydrator while the SP101 air fryer can cook foods in 7 different ways. The FD401 air fryer is the biggest air fryer that Ninja has.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Ninja air fryer is the most popular?

The Ninja Air Fryer Max XL is one of the most popular models they have available. It weighs only 11lbs, has a maximum temperature range between 105 °F and 450 °F, and up to 7 functions including roast, air fry, preheat, dehydrate, bake, crisp, and broil with a ceramic coated air fryer basket.

Which COSORI air fryer is most recommended?

The COSORI Max XL is the company’s most widely approved air fryer among their 10 models. It boasts a capacity up to 5.8 QT., with up to 11 preset functions for fruits, vegetables, meats, rice, and even seafood. The COSORI Max XL is suitable for 5-person families.

Final Thoughts

We have compared the best and the ‘could be better’ qualities and the results of COSORI v. Ninja air fryers state that there really is no clear winner. Every model from the company is unique and offers plenty to choose from.

While Ninja air fryers come with a ceramic-coated air fryer basket, COSORI air fryers include BPA-free exterior and interior. Although, unlike Ninja, COSORI air fryers do not have a dehydrator function but they do have a rotisserie function.

In addition, COSORI air fryers are more affordable and Ninja air fryers are more versatile. So choosing an air fryer truly comes down to what you need and prefer, whether you require an oven or a basket, a small-sized air fryer, or a family-sized appliance. Pick what works for you.