Make Some Tasty Food Using the Best Oil for Air Fryer

Not all oils are good for an air fryer. That’s why you need to know some of the best oils for an air fryer that offer neutral flavors and don’t burn at high cooking temperatures.

Whether it’s frozen foods, air fryer fires, or other air fryer cooking recipes, we’ve come up with the best oils that will give your food a juicy, crispy texture!

The Best Oils for Air Fryer: Our Top Choices

Even though many spray oils and regular oils can be found on the market today, not all of them are compatible with an air fryer. That is why it’s vital to get your hands on one of these oils listed below.

1. Hollywood Enriched Gold Peanut Oil

Peanut oil has gained popularity among many people, especially air fryer lovers. This oil is easy to find, and its natural manufacturing will definitely compliment the flavor in your fryer basket.

Many people find that some oils give the food a slightly weird taste and, because of that, the all-natural flavor of deep frying or air-fried food is lost. That is why you need an oil that gives minimal contribution in that area. This is where peanut oil comes in hand.

Peanut oil is also one of the healthiest choices of oil for air fryers. This is because it is naturally processed and has no artificial flavor or coloring. Not to mention, it is full of vitamin E to keep your immune system strong.

The high smoke point of 450°F makes it good for frying because its high temperature doesn’t allow it to absorb all the flavor from the food or extract from it, which keeps the juices inside.

This oil comes in a glass bottle, so there is no spray bottle option. That being said, make sure you put a light coating of oil over your roasted vegetables or any item of food you’re going to air fry.


  • Neutral flavor
  • High smoke point
  • All-natural
  • Rich in vitamin E


  • Need a basting brush to use it


Peanut oil is slightly expensive, but it’s a great option for air fryer recipes due to its higher smoke point.

2. Pompeian Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is a classic choice when it comes to cooking. This is because it is healthy and complements almost every type of food. There are different kinds of olive oil, including light olive oil and regular olive oil. However, our choice today is the Pompeian Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Pompeian is known for making exquisite quality oil at a relatively low price, that way you can enjoy healthy food without spending a lot of money on oil. Coming to the air fryer, a light basting of the basket inside will give your food a crisper texture along with enhanced flavors.

We like this extra virgin olive oil because it is the first cold-pressed in its type. The benefits of cold-pressed olive oil (extra virgin) include that it’s packed with nutrients and rich in antioxidants. This combination helps your body fight inflammation and keeps heart diseases at bay.

The smoke point is up to 405°F, near the regular olive oil that people use. Compared to peanut oil, extra virgin olive oil is the healthier option. The only problem is that it doesn’t come in a spray bottle, so you have to use a cooking brush to coat your food with it.


  • Cold-pressed
  • Affordable
  • Improves air fryer food flavor


  • Doesn’t come in a spray bottle


Despite lacking a spraying feature, this extra virgin olive oil is packed with flavoring and vitamins.

3. 100% Organic Grass fed Ghee Butter

To clarify any confusion, this is a kind of butter made from cow or buffalo milk and it’s often referred to as ghee. It takes great time and practice to produce healthy and fine quality ghee. You cannot buy any ghee as not all of them are healthy for you, but GirOrganic’s ghee is surely a healthy choice.

This ghee is pure, organic, and made using an ancient method. They use the Ayurveda bilona method that people have been using for more than five thousand years, which means it’s all-natural and doesn’t involve any artificial flavor or coloring that might be harmful to you.

This ghee is full of vitamins and antioxidants, promotes a healthy heart, and doesn’t block your arteries. Regular usage of this ghee will also improve joint pain conditions and reduce your cholesterol levels over time.

Not to mention, this ghee is as good in flavor as in health. It has a buttery flavor that is accompanied by a nutty flavor. It makes air fried food taste better with some amazing flavor touches. Its minimal quantity over the food is enough to cook them in the air fryer.

However, its effects on lactose intolerant people are still being determined, so keep that in mind.


  • Buttery flavor
  • Reduce bad cholesterol
  • 100% organic
  • Full of good fatty acids and nutrients


  • Not good for those who are lactose intolerant


This ghee won’t disappoint if you want to add some distinct flavors to your air fryer recipes while maintaining your health!

4. Absolute Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Not only is coconut oil good for the hair and skin, but coconut oil is a great option for cooking meals. Due to its richness, natural ingredients, and purity, you can fry healthy food in the air fryer.

Coconut oil has no added preservatives or chemicals for extra flavor, so it will keep your air fried food with its natural taste. This is a great choice for vegans or people who are on a keto diet.

You also won’t suffer from the oxidizing problem that occurs with other oils. Therefore, there is minimum to no rancidity. It comes in a semi-solid texture, but it can easily melt with the warmth of your hand.


  • Little to no rancidity
  • Vegan
  • Raw produce
  • No artificial flavorings or colors


  • Could be difficult to brush onto food


For people who prefer a keto lifestyle or want to enjoy the benefits of coconut oils, this raw and unrefined coconut oil will give you all the health benefits you’re looking for.

5. Mantova Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is a fresh oil extracted and squeezed from a fresh and healthy avocado pulp. It also has one of the highest smoke points, lying between 510 – 520 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps improve its cooking ability while still remaining natural and healthy.

The lack of preservatives in this oil enhances the natural flavor of the oil itself, which compliments many food items.

It’s also an entirely plant-based oil, which means that it’s gluten-free, soy-free, and codfish-free. That is why it’s a great choice for those who want a healthy heart.


  • High smoke point
  • Mild flavor
  • Unrefined


  • A bit expensive


Despite being a little on the expensive side, you can get healthy, natural, and gluten-free avocado oil that you can enjoy.

The Smoking Point of Oils: Why Is It So Important?

We’ve made the smoke point a vital part of this buying guide. But, what is the smoke point? What does it do, and what is its effect on the food we air fry? It’s time to answer these questions.

Smoke point is the highest temperature that an oil can reach when it starts to smoke. This only occurs at high temperatures and will indicate that the oil has reached its highest level of hotness in the pan. If you don’t know the smoke point of your oil, you can easily burn your food.

Smoke point varies by oil. Typically, more organic oils have a higher smoke point because the minerals and organic nutrients are more prone to heat. However, this means that your food could be more susceptible to burning if you’re not careful.

What Does Smoke Point Tell Us?

Smoke point easily indicates the preferred usages of the oils. Suppose your organic products, like coconut or extra virgin olive oil, are cold-pressed and unrefined. This means that you can use them as dressings, vinaigrettes, or for normal cooking.

On the other hand, refined oils, like canola oil and peanut oil, have higher smoke points, which is why they are a better option for deep frying and air frying food.

Unrefined vs. Refined Oils: Which One Is Better?

In comparison, unrefined oils are the ones that are extracted naturally and have minimal processing. They are full of natural nutrients, vitamins, and contain all organic components in their raw form.

In contrast to unrefined oils, refined oils are overly processed in order to eliminate maximum organic and raw nutrients. They are extracted and manufactured through heavy machinery that makes sure they are pure oils with minimal raw nutrients.

Unrefined oils have more of a natural flavor thanks to minimal processing and, therefore, are better able to keep their taste. Their distinct flavor can either complement or clash with the food. On the other hand, highly refined oils contain minimal to no flavor. So, they don’t add or complement foods. Instead, they keep the integrity of the original flavors of the food.

In our opinion, both of these options are great. However, some are better than others. Natural oils are a great choice for dressings, simple air frying at a minimal temperature, or light baking. But, if you want to taste the real flavor of the food with heated cooking, it’s better to opt for refined oils.

Convenience of Usage

Oils for cooking can come in two forms: a liquid oil bottle or an oil spray bottle. Both have the same ingredients and almost the same formula. However, the convenience is different. Spray oil bottles are good for even and light spraying, especially when baking or air frying.

On the other hand, the oil bottles are a good choice as you can control the amount of oil you want to use.


Which Oil Is Good for Air Frying?

Any oil with an elevated smoke point and no extra flavoring is good for air frying.

Does an Air Fryer Consume Less Oil?

Yes! As air fryers mostly cook using hot air, they consume less oil. However, they still give almost the same texture and flavoring as deep frying does!

Should You Use Natural Flavored Oil in an Air Fryer?

It depends. Usually, neutral oils are preferred for air fryer recipes. But, if you like extra flavoring, you can use them.

The Best Oil Brands for Air Frying


Pompeian manufactures some of the most natural and organic oils today. Their oils are minimally refined and are packed with natural nutrients and omega fatty acids.


If you’re hunting for a more buttery flavor while still wanting to consume maximum vitamins and good fatty acids, then this is a great brand for you. GirOrganic products are also excellent for your heart and bones.

Final Thoughts

Getting the best oil for air fryer shouldn’t be such a hard choice now! With our five favorite picks, you can get any oil from neutral to one with amazing flavor. No matter which one you choose, we hope it helps your food taste good!

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