The Best Ninja Air Fryers for All Kitchens

Since their invention, air fryers have become one of the most sought kitchen appliances. They offer users enjoyable, versatile, and hassle-free countertop cooking. However, with the number of air fryer models available today, selecting the best one is difficult for all intending buyers.

The good news is that you can simplify the selection process by narrowing your search to a prominent brand. Ninja Air Fryer stands out among the well-known top-rated brands tested and reviewed by our experts.

This guide offers three of the best ninja air fryers for your kitchen. You’ll also find a brief highlight of what we like and don’t like about each model.

Top 3 Best Ninja Air Fryers

The following are our top three picks for the best Ninja air fryers:

1. Nutri Ninja Foodi Airfryer Deluxe AF160ANZ Ninja Air Fryer

Nutri Ninja Foodi Airfryer Deluxe AF160 Ninja Air Fryer

The AF160 Ninja air fryer combines virtually all the best features that distinguish Ninja air fryers from other brands.

This model offers a 5.2L sufficient capacity for several portions of food and can do more than a conventional oven within a shorter period with its 230 degrees of superheated air roast.

This air fryer offers a crispy 75% less fat in fried foods. This means it requires less oil for frying and ensures you have healthy snacks every time. You can also manually choose the timeframe for each function and the amount of heat required.

These functions have name tags for ease of use rather than icon tags. You can command the functions using the textured button interface. In addition, the AF160 Ninja air fryer is dishwasher safe.


  • It offers a remarkably high temperature that you can manually adjust.
  • It gives users six cooking preset options that the entire family can enjoy for various cooking needs.
  • The crisper plate and frying basket are dishwasher friendly.


  • It has a short power cord, meaning you must stay close to a power source to use it.
  • Small food items fall between the frying basket and the crisper plate.
  • The frying basket is long and narrow, making larger portions difficult to make.


2. Ninja Foodi DualZone AF300 Air Fryer (Granite Grey)

The AF300 Ninja Dual Zone 2-in-1 air fryer is the most sought-after Ninja air fryer, and rightly so. It has dual functionality allowing users to cook two things simultaneously.

You’ll find all of the best features of Ninja air fryers in the AF300 model. It has a wide range of cooking modes, an air fryer recipe brochure, ease of use, and incredible versatility. You’ll surely get great value for your money because it has everything a modern family wants in an air fryer.


  • Its highly efficient dual cooking function is extremely handy.
  • Like other products from the same brand, it has many cooking options.
  • It’s non-stick, allowing easy cleaning, and the crisper plate is dishwasher safe.


  • It has a plastic material which doesn’t combine well with heat.
  • It produces an annoyingly loud sound when in use.
  • It expels a lot of heat that it can set off fire alarms when in use.


3. Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven SP101 Silver/Black

Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven SP101

The efficiency of the Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven SP101 is perceptible in appearance and functionality. You can sense its quality by merely looking at it, and the moment you plug it in, you’re certainly in for a fantastic cooking experience.

This digital air fryer is wider than many other Ninja Airfryer products, and it comes with a cooking rack, a non-stick sheet pan, an air fryer basket, and a crumb tray.

The most exciting feature of this multi-cooker is that it has eight cooking functions, making it a common family choice. It doesn’t take up a big cooking space on the kitchen counter.


  • It has easy-to-read digital controls and an intuitive navigating function.
  • It emits little to no sound during use, and you can check on food with its see-through front and inside light.
  • It has a remarkably fast cooking time while offering excellent toasting, air roasting, baking, broiling, and dehydrating functions.


  • It is much more expensive compared to other Ninja air fryers.
  • You need more cooking guidelines to use for certain foods.
  • You can’t roast a whole chicken using this type of fryer at once. You can only roast the chicken wings, chicken breasts, and other parts one after the other.



The following are some questions you may have about the best Ninja air fryer:

Is the AF300 Model the best Ninja air fryer?

Among the three best Ninja air fryer models mentioned in this post, the AF300 Dual Zone Ninja air fryer is the best because of its dual compartment that allows you to cook different foods simultaneously.

Can you use foil in a Ninja air fryer?

You’re allowed to use foil in your Ninja air fryer. Using foil makes using an air fryer generally easier.

Which Ninja air fryer is best for couples?

The AF300 DualZone 2-basket air fryer is ideal for couples because they can cook two types of food simultaneously.

Which Ninja air fryer should I buy for a family?

A family of four will find the AF160 Ninja air fryer helpful in their kitchen because it is larger and has more functions.

Final Thoughts

An air fryer is an essential kitchen appliance, but before you buy an air fryer, be sure you’re buying the best product with the best features. The abovementioned are our top choices for the best Ninja air fryers that suit multiple needs.

This post highlights each according to their strengths and weaknesses so you can make an informed decision.