Best Budget Air Fryer for Easy Cooking 

Equipping your kitchen with essential appliances can add up if you’re not careful. An effective way to manage the costs is to buy a couple of multi-functional kitchen appliances like an air fryer.

With an air fryer, you can have six cooking functions in a single electronic kitchen appliance. The best part is that there are several budget-friendly air fryers – but knowing which one is best for your needs is key.

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the best budget air fryers and give you expert opinions on what’s likable and what’s not likable about each of them. This will allow you to choose the most suitable one for your preferences.

What are the Best Budget Air Fryers?

Here is a list of three of the best budget air fryers suitable for multiple cooking needs:

1. Instant Air Fryer 4L – Air Fryer

Instant Air Fryer

Instant Pot is a brand known for manufacturing top-quality and budget-friendly air fryers. The Instant 4L air fryer model is an outstanding choice for a reasonable budget – when you have this product, you don’t need to spend on a conventional oven.

The Instant 4L air fryer comes at a reasonable price while still providing top-notch cooking compared to other brands with the same specifications. Its EvenCrisp technology makes it better by offering food items deep frying resulting in a perfect crunch with 95% less oil.

You can quickly cook up to 1kg of chicken, chicken breasts, four portions of french fries, and many other favorite foods with a wide range of preset programs. The capacity of this air fryer is decent for its price range, but the best part is that it is dishwasher safe, making it a great addition to every kitchen.


  • It has an easy-to-use panel that helps users manually control time and temperature.
  • It has a decent capacity that offers sufficient space to make meals for two or more people.
  • The nonstick coating and dishwasher-safe basket make it more attractive for people working with a budget.


  • Unlike other brands with similar specs and price ranges, the Instant 4L air fryer doesn’t have a cooking progress indicator.
  • The timer knob on the panel may falter with time.
  • It’s lacking a digital display of its functionalities and is somewhat basic for a modern kitchen air fryer.


2. Healthy Choice 3.5L Air Fryer

Healthy choice 3.5 Litre Air Fryer

The Healthy Choice 3.5L air fryer is a highly sought-after appliance that fits most modern kitchen needs by all standards. It’s one of the most affordable fryers that offers a stylish black compact design with gold trim and comes with outstanding features like turbo air technology, a pan drawer, and effective digital control panels.

The Healthy Choice air fryer is everything you need for fast and delicious meals. It is ranked high among other larger models not just for its affordability but also for its efficiency. Whether you want to cook for yourself or you and your partner, this air fryer is up to the task of any cooking program.


  • The hot air circulation is fast and goes up to 200 degrees, which you can time between 1-60 minutes.
  • The panel has identifiable knobs for commanding functions like timer and temperature levels.
  • It’s a compact air fryer that sits comfortably on a countertop without taking up so much cooking space.


  • It gives food a funny taste that affects the quality of the food cooked.
  • The capacity needs to be more significant to prepare larger meals instead of cooking food in batches. Not a great option for a family of four.
  • It takes longer to cook food items compared to other products with similar specifications.


3. HaiZR 4.5L Electric Hot Air Fryer

HaiZR 4.5L Electric Hot Air FryerThe HaiZR 4.5L Electric Hot air fryer ranks high on our list of the best budget air fryers. There aren’t many affordable products that have the digital capacity and a decent drawer capacity – except this one. This electric air fryer has extensive air circulation technology that goes up to 360 degrees, giving it an edge over competing brands.

A fascinating advantage of using this deep fryer is its safety features for ease of use. Its intuitive digital displays are comprehensively curated and well-positioned on the appliance. Users can quickly access up to eight cooking preset functions.

This type of fryer in your kitchen is an excellent choice for families of varying sizes. There is adequate cooking space and you’ll surely enjoy using it to prepare different types of foods.


  • The product offers various digital functionalities while maintaining affordability.
  • Its powerful heating generator works quickly, saving you time in the kitchen.
  • It has three safety features: automatic shut-off, temperature settings, and overheating protection.


  • The digital functions may not be optimal when touched with dirty or wet fingers.
  • The automatic timer may lose efficiency after being used over time.
  • After a while, it produces a plastic smell, which may not be healthy for users.


Options for the Best Budget Air Fryer

As much as affordability is a significant factor in purchasing an air fryer, it’s best if you can prioritize functionality when choosing an air fryer for your home. To be able to stay on budget and have a great air fryer, you should consider the different models mentioned above.

We’ve narrowed your search down to three of the best budget air fryers in this post. If you evaluate each one, you’ll realize the HaiZR 4.5L Electric air fryer stands out. It’s affordable, has a wider temperature range, and offers other features like digital capacity, large capacity, and sleek design.

However, as much as it’s the best option, be sure it suits your unique needs and meets your budget. Failure to ensure this could make it a less suitable choice for you.


The following are questions and answers that offer more information you may need when buying one of the best budget air fryers:

Do budget air fryers use much electricity?

Whether affordable or expensive, every air fryer has an average power requirement of 1,500 watts. That’s the same as appliances like toaster ovens, dishwashers, and coffee makers. So yes, they do use electricity, but not any more than your traditional kitchen appliances. There are also energy-efficient air fryers you can consider.

Do budget air fryers last long?

The durability of an air fryer depends on the quality of the product, frequency of use, and how it is maintained. If you prioritize quality when you purchase it and keep up with good maintenance practices, your air fryer will last long.

What is the best budget air fryer product?

The best budget air fryer product among the three mentioned in this post is the one that suits your budget and kitchen needs. Since budgets and needs vary, it may be difficult to say one particular air fryer is the best for every potential buyer.

Does size matter when purchasing a budget-friendly air fryer?

You want the best value for your money, even when running on a budget. So if your budget gets you an air fryer with a large capacity, take it.

Final Thoughts

The best budget air fryers mentioned in this post are three of the most affordable products. But while you’re pondering your selection, ensure that you weigh your budget against the intended use of the air fryer. Doing so will help you check all the required boxes to make a good purchase at the end of the day.