The 5 Best Air Fryer Pressure Cooker of 2022

Every great kitchen needs a good blender, crock pot, toaster oven, and a host of other appliances. You can choose to get each of these appliances and clutter your kitchen space, or just get the best air fryer pressure cooker combo and enjoy the benefit of having multiple appliances combined into one!

This versatile appliance has a number functions to cook different foods and can transform how you operate in the kitchen.

The right air fryer pressure cooker combo use air circulation, temperature control, and automatic pressure to improve your cooking process and deliver outstanding results.

The best part of using these cooking appliances is that they provide you with all the pleasures of a slow cooker in half the time. The perfect combination of speed and efficiency, and programmable cooking functions, helps you cook meals with ease.

Let’s agree your kitchen is missing this essential tool for quick and easy meals. So what’s the best air fryer pressure cooker combo to buy at the moment?

Any air fryer pressure cooker you plan to add to your kitchen needs to have certain cooking features. Otherwise, you might not be able to get all that benefits these products have to offer.

For people who haven’t purchased air fryer pressure cookers before, you’ll want our help here! To make this decision a little easier for you, here’s a list of the best air fryer pressure cookers to complete your kitchen this year.

1. Instant Pot Duo 11-in-1 Crisp Electric Pressure Cooker

These electric pressure cookers show you the full potential of pressure cooking. Coming with a pressure cooker lid, this amazing air fryer pressure cooker comes with an extensive range of cooking features you can easily access.

In addition to helping you upgrade from using traditional cooking methods, some additional features you get with the air fryer lid alone include broil, dehydrate, bake, air fry, and roast.

As for the pressure cooker lid, these multi-cookers help you pressure cook, sous vide, warm frozen foods, saute, steam, and even serve as a slow cooker!

The Instant Pot Duo makes cooking your favorite foods easy. What’s more, it helps you do it better as well.

Its highly intuitive controls help you achieve a high-quality, crispy finish – whether you’re frying a 4-pound chicken breast, chicken wings, onion rings, veggies, or various other food items.

This particular product trumps many of its counterparts because of its unique offering of smart programs. While it might take some getting used to, its bright display helps you air fry to perfection.

You’ll especially like the delay timer function on this air fryer pressure cooker combo. This special feature helps you plan your meals well ahead of time. All you have to do is put the ingredients of your favorite foods into the pressure cooker and it’ll do the rest for you!


  • Offers faster cook times compared to a convection oven
  • Intuitive controls make it very easy to use
  • Numerous features help you easily try out endless recipe options
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Extensive safety measures ensure you’re at minimal risk while using it
  • Makes preparing healthy meals more convenient


  • Rather bulky
  • Take some time to figure out all the different settings/cooking options


2. Ninja – Foodi FD401 12-in-1 Pressure Cooker

For the cooking enthusiast, the Ninja – Foodi pressure cooker is a dream come true. The release of this product shook the food network kitchen because of the amazing functions you could get with it.

Every inch of this 8qt. ceramic container has nonstick coating, helping you cook enough food for larger families in a single stretch. This heavy-duty cooker also gives you minimal stress after use because it’s 100% dishwasher safe.

What’s more, this digital air fry oven is a perfect all-in-one that helps you get the job done while cutting down your cook times by at least 50%. Cooking a healthier meal is easier with the Ninja – Foodi because of how it interacts with most food items.

For example, unlike most standalone air fryers, these pressure cooker combos don’t require frozen foods to thaw before cooking them. You can move the meat straight from the fridge to the air fryer pressure cooker.

With helpful preset programs like “quick defrost,” you can save time without having to sacrifice that delicious golden finish.

If you want a product that’ll ease you seamlessly into the world of all-purpose electric pressure cookers, you couldn’t do better than this product!

A quick Amazon view will show you the current price of this innovative fryer pressure cooker combo.


  • Features help it easily replace numerous cooking appliances
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to wash by hand
  • Larger capacity maes it the perfect pressure cooker for preparing large meals
  • Offers a much faster cooking time
  • Multiple preset cooking programs and cooking features help you cook almost any kind of meal without stress
  • Improves on conventional cooking methods, comes with a recipe book, and helps you prepare healthy meals more efficiently


  • Faster cook times come at the expense of higher energy consumption
  • May be a bit pricey for some


3. The Ninja – Foodi OP302Air Fryer Pressure Cooker

With this second Ninja – Foodi product on our list, you get a recipe book with 45 recipes, a 6.5-qt cooking pot, and a very aesthetic finish.

This appliance is a beast and is a standout best air fryer pressure cooker of 2022!

Granted, it’ll take a significant portion of your counter space with its sophisticated build and design. But not only does it reward you with an aesthetically pleasing view, its large capacity, multi-level air fryer basket helps you cook faster and more efficiently.

You can access its intuitive controls and preset cooking programs from the front. From here, you’ll use all the amazing cooking options to make good use of your Foodi.

One good thing about this slow cooking and air frying device is that it has several safety measures you can rely on to minimize the risk of getting hurt while you cook.

Its perfect combination of high-functionality cooking presets and basket capacity gives you crispy meals in record time, too.

If you’re especially fond of chips and jerky with good, quality crisp – you’ll be sure to love the performance of this quart large capacity pressure cooker.


  • Powerful 9-in-1 cooking appliance.
  • TenderCrisp Technology to produces the superior quality crisp observed in chicken wings and pork chops cooked
  • 100% dishwasher friendly
  • Aesthetically pleasing design perfectly complemented by a sturdy and durable build
  • Free of harmful compounds like PTFE and PFOA
  • Multi-layered safety measures in place to protect users from harm


  • May make a creaking sound during operation
  • Needs ample space to be able to comfortably use this air fryer pressure cooker


4. Nuwave Duet Fryer Pressure Cooker Combo

Only a few brands can boast of the level of fame and recognition that Nuwave does. When you try out the Nuwave Duet, you’ll understand why.

To start with, the Nuwave Duet comes with a pressure cooker lid, a reversible rack (metal), a base unit, an air fryer lid, and a removable inner pot.

Everything from its stainless steel pot to its air frying lid helps you keep things organized and treat your entire family to healthy meals with greater ease. This is because it gives you the right combination of heat and precision to prepare your favorite foods at will.

One thing you should know about this cooker is that its air frying basket has solid sides. Because of this, the quantity of food you can cook with the air frying basket will be influenced by whether you’re using it in the pressure cooker or air fryer mode.

Beyond this, these electric pressure cookers are packed to the brim with various preset cooking programs. In addition to getting 10 different cook modes with this pressure cooker air fryer, you also get 300 cooking presets to choose from as well!

Designed for the precision chef, you can pressure cook and air fry to your heart’s content with this device!


  • Store 240 different recipes of your choice on it
  • An abundance of food options to choose from, making life easier for you in the kitchen
  • Removable air fryer lids mean that you can use this device both as a pressure cooker air fryer combo or as a standalone air fryer
  • Nuwave Duet contains innovative technology that makes it stand out from its counterparts
  • Budget-friendly and free of harmful compounds


  • Relatively small capacity
  • May not be energy-efficient enough


5. MICHELANGELO Air Fryer Combo Cooker

This pressure cooker air fryer is our top pick for you if you’re on a budget or you don’t want to invest too much in a combo cooker at this time.

All too often, lower price translates to a poor-quality product. But the fact that the MICHELANGELO Air Fryer Combo made our list is ample proof of the fact that there’s always an exception to every rule.

With its 6.5-qt cooking pot, this device will give many of its more heavily priced counterparts a fair run for their money.

Everything from its stainless steel build to the innovative LED touch functions and additional features it spots makes cooking different types of foods safely a breeze.

With this product, you also get a slow cooker, steam fryer, pressure cooker, and food warmer, all with a single purchase!


  • Various useful tools and accessories to make tasks like slow cooking, deep-frying, and food warming an easy task
  • Solid and attractive build
  • Pressure cooker steam fryer comes with 9 different preset programs
  • One of the most affordable air fryer pressure cooker combos you could get
  • Makes preparing a healthier meal for larger families easier


  • Not very easy to clean
  • May get a bit noisy while it works


How to Find the Best Air Fryer Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker air fryer combos are cooking appliances programmed and designed with a series of cooking functions. The right combo device can help you perform the function of other kitchen appliances like your:

  • Food warmer
  • Indoor grill
  • Toaster oven
  • Rotisserie
  • Convection oven

Investing in Such a Versatile Appliance Does Two Things for You

The first and perhaps most important benefit of a combo cooker is that it helps free up your kitchen space for more important items. Because you now have a tool that can perfectly serve the purpose of most kitchen appliances, you won’t have to bother getting those or storing them.

The second thing that these tools do for you is that they help you reduce the length of time you spend working in the kitchen. They’re easy, life-changing devices that can considerably improve your overall pressure cooking experience.

What to Look for in a Pressure Cooker Air Fryer Combo

Getting wholesome, multi-textured 360 meals and crispy meals with a combo cooker demands that you consider a few factors beforehand first. When you keep these points in mind, it’ll be easier to pick the best combo cooker for your needs.

The 6 most important variables you need to use to inform your buying decision include;

1. The Cooker Capacity

The size of the combo fryer you want to get matters a lot. For starters, it’s what determines how many people you can feed with a single-use.

The capacity of the cooker becomes even more important if you’re preparing meals for a larger family.

A sub-factor here is the size of the device itself. You need to ensure that you get one you’ll be able to comfortably store and use.

2. The Cooker Functionality

The kind of performance and functionality level of the cooker is also important. One major factor that should influence your decision here is the kitchen appliances you already have.

If you don’t have too many appliances, then going for a 12-in-1 model, that is, a model that offers 12 different cooking methods is good.

But people who have limited needs can go for more basic needs to start with.

3. Your Preferred Type of Cooking

Your choice in this category should also be guided by what style of cooking you’re more partial to. For example, if you’ll be making a lot of food from scratch, you might want to get a combo cooker with a double basket feature.

4. The Construction

The build and construction quality of a combo cooker is what determines how long it’ll last you. When you get something with a solid build, there’s less of a chance it’ll leak water, hot air, or lose pressure.

In addition to a good build, getting a combo cooker with a strong base, non-stick coating, and a secure lid is also a great idea.

5. The Cooker Features

The features of your cooker refer to the settings features, the device control configuration, and  a few other things. To enjoy your user experience here, we recommend you opt for something with intuitive controls.

The simpler the control features are to understand, the greater the level of use you can get out of the air fryer pressure cooker.

6. The Price Tag

This is perhaps the most important variable of all. Not only does this feature determine which product you can and cannot get, but it also influences the type of product features you’ll have access to.

In general, the more high-tech products in this category come at a higher price while the more budget-friendly options allow you affordability at the expense of certain features and services.


Can a Pressure Cooker Also Double as an Air Fryer?

Yes, it can.

What’s more, many combo cookers actually leverage this fact and help you use it to get the very best taste out of fried foods.

Is There Any Difference Between a Pressure Fryer and a Pressure Cooker?

No, there isn’t.

Both devices leverage the same method of operation – using steam – to help cook meals faster. The one thing of note here is just that a pressure cooker is often smaller than a pressure fryer.

Can I Use Oil in My Pressure Cooker?

Technically, yes, if you have a fuel-based pressure cooker.

However, we strongly advise against this as it corrodes the insides of the cooker over time.

Is It Possible to Burn Food in a Pressure Cooker?

Yes, it is.

No air fryer pressure cooker is immune to food burning in them. This is because the high pressure of the cooker causes the food items to lose moisture faster during the cooking process.

Final Word

The best air fryer pressure cooker falls comfortably within your price range and still efficiently meets all your cooking needs without exception. There are hundreds of combo cookers out there but with our guidelines, you’ll be able to pick the right one for your kitchen without worry!

Complete your kitchen with the best air fryer accessories and become an even better chef today!