Best Air Fryer Potato Chips Recipe

We predict that there’s a very high chance that our best air fryer potato chips recipe will become your favourite thing to cook in your new appliance. After all, who doesn’t love a crunchy, golden, hot potato chip? There is something irresistible about this simple side dish, so it makes sense to have it topping our recipes list.

So come on. Be honest. Low-carb meals are all very well and good, but all you really want to know is how a reduced fat, hot potato chip made in an air fryer compares to one that has bubbled away to crunchy perfection in a deep-fat fryer.

The answer is, pretty well. Phew!


A jumble of golden air fryer potato chips cooked from our best air fryer potato chips recipe

But before we get on with the instructions, it’s important to note that our best air fryer potato chips recipe is for cooks who want to make potato chips from scratch. If you want to pop frozen oven chips in your air fryer, that’s fine, but remember that they will have had oil added to them before they were frozen and so won’t need any extra when you prepare them.

Best Air Fryer Potato Chips Recipe:

Makes: 6 servings. Prep: 30 min (including 20min soaking). Cook: 15 min per batch


2 large (4 medium) potatoes – Russet & Desiree of any other starchy type of potato;

1 tbsp oil; Salt to taste


  • Scrub the potatoes to clean them, or peel if you prefer.
  • Slice the potatoes into thin sticks or batons.
  • Soak the potato batons in cold water for at least 20 minutes – this removes some of the starch, which helps them get nice and crispy.
  • Remove the sticks from the water and pat dry with a clean tea towel or paper towel.
  • Toss the potato sticks in the oil and salt.
  • Place the seasoned potato in the greased air fryer basket in a single layer. 
  • Cook for 15-17 minutes (turn the potato batons every 5-7 minutes if you don’t have a paddle style air fryer) at 180C, until golden brown and crispy.
  • If you are frying the chips in batches, keep the cooked ones warm in the oven whilst you make the next lot.
  • Season your air fryer potato chips with salt (or chicken salt) and serve whilst still hot.

If you are interested in the history of the hot chips, and especially the fierce argument over which nationality came up with this universal crowd-pleaser, you can read more here.

As I mentioned above, an air fryer does a great job of cooking frozen oven chips of all shapes, sizes and flavours. In fact, it’s worth noting that all pre-fried frozen foods love being air fried, so if you want great results for little work, check out the convenience food section of your local supermarket.

And if you want the convenience of oven chips straight from the freezer, but aren’t keen on buying commercially produced varieties, perhaps you should try making your own. Simply prep extra when you make our best air fryer potato chips recipe, pop them in a ziplock bag and freeze them.

Even better, if you have a vacuum sealer, you can bag them up in batches and stow them in the deep-freeze for months, if need be.

Please see our sister post, if you would like some additional information on the kinds of foods that cook well in an air fryer.

And once you’ve mastered the perfect, crunchy chip, why not expand your repertoire with some irresistible fried chicken?

Things to Remember:

Of course, you can prepare hot chips in any air fryer. However, some make it easier than others.

The main thing to consider is how many chips you will want to make at a time.

Some air fryers have quite a small bucket and require you to cook chips in a single layer. This can mean doing a number of batches if you’re feeding a big family. One of the most popular bucket air fryers on the market at present is the Ninja Air Fryer Max which has a generous capacity and is easy to use.

In contrast, many air fryer ovens come with a basket on the rotisserie arm. This means that the chips are moved around inside the turning basket and so cook on all sides in one large batch. A great example of this style of air fryer is the Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven.



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