Expert Reviewed: The Best Air Fryer for a Family of Four 

Air fryers provide users with a simple way to cook, fry, and reheat food. Although smaller than conventional ovens, they cook food faster, making them a popular kitchen appliance.

However, not all air fryers suit all family sizes. While some air fryers are suitable for couples, some are better suited for a family of four. Hence, the need for all potential buyers to know the brands that are best for their particular family size.

If you’re looking for the best air fryer for a family of four, this post is for you. We’ve curated three of the best air fryers for this family size, and you’ll also find out what our experts like and what they don’t like after testing each one.

Top 3: Best Air Fryer for a Family of Four

Here are some of the best air fryers for a family of four:

1. AUSPURE Air Fryer Digital Airfryer XXL

AUSPURE Air Fryer Digital Airfryer XXL

The best air fryer for a family of four should have several components that meet modern design and kitchen needs. The AUSPURE air fryer boasts these qualities in terms of its digital capacities and digital display, including an intuitive touchscreen and 360 degrees hot air dispenser technology.

AUSPURE prioritized user safety by adding an overheat protection feature in this model. It also has ten cooking preset functions with extra features like an adjustable temperature and timer, preheat feature, an ultra-light pan for shaking, crisper trays, crumb trays, and a shake reminder.

It has a 5.5L capacity sufficient to carry food items for four people. The best part is that it comes with a recipe book containing 100 recipes you and your family can try. Finally, it doesn’t take much counter space.


  • It has an extensive digital capacity like the auto shut-off, hot air technological dispenser, and intuitive touchscreens.
  • It has a circular heat technology that offers users fast and hassle-free cooking.
  • Most components – mainly the baskets – are detachable, non-stick, and dishwasher-safe.


  • The cooking time may falter and become inaccurate a short while after.
  • It emits a strong chemical/plastic smell after a short period of purchase and use.
  • The noise, when plugged can be a little annoying.


2. Instant Vortex Plus (5.7 Liters) Air Fryer

Instant Vortex Plus 5.7L Air Fryer

The Instant Vortex Plus is another standout family-sized air fryer. It takes the functions of 6 different kitchen appliances, all fitted into one with a 5.7L capacity. Whether roasting, baking, reheating, deep frying, broiling, or dehydrating food, it’s a perfect choice.

Not only do you get your favorite foods on time – you eat them with 95% less oil using this air fryer. It also stands out with its technological capacities seen through its EvenCrisp feature and touchscreen controls allowing you to have perfect golden crips and navigate through the six smart cooking programs.


  • The fryer has six one-touch smart preset programs that easily navigate for multiple functions.
  • The EvenCrisp technology gives it a competitive edge against other products because it allows the thorough cooking of delicious meals.
  • It has an attractive body stylishly made with stainless steel.


  • The panel display is lacking in adequate backlight
  • The fryer produces a chemical/plastic smell upon initial and even subsequent use.
  • Not big enough to fit a whole chicken – hence, it doesn’t live up to its 5.7L capacity.


3. Tefal Easy Fry & Grill Classic EY5018 Air Fryer

Tefal Easy Fry & Grill Classic EY5018 Air Fryer

The EY5018 Classic Tefal model combines a 2-in-1 solution for every family of four to enjoy. Its unique yet brilliant technology offers a die-cast aluminum plate that cooks food tenderly at a 49% speed compared to a traditional oven. This air fryer can air fry and grill your favorite food items.

It has a 60-minute adjustable timer and high-precision temperature control that creates results based on your preference. It also has a recipe book with 30 dishes that inspire users to try out new foods using the air fryer.


  • The component work in unison throughout the cooking process, offering a quick cooking time.
  • The non-stick grill plate makes it attractive because you don’t need much effort to wash it.
  • It has a sturdy frame with a sleek design, making it a compact air fryer that’s excellent value for money for a family of four members.


  • Using it means you’ll have to deal with some annoying sounds.
  • The basket capacity is too small, and you may have to run food items in batches.
  • The fryer might break down after a couple of months.


Choosing the Best Air Fryer for a Family of Four

Selecting one of the three air fryers mentioned above is an excellent choice for your family. However, the definition of the best depends on your preference, budget, and kitchen needs. While you may be big on sleek designs and functions, others may be big on capacity and function, among other reasons.

So to make the choice that’s right for you, evaluate your preferences against your budget and how often you’ll be using the air fryer. In addition to our expert suggestions on what we like and don’t like about each product, these factors will help you select the best air fryer for your family.


Below are some of the questions you may have in mind concerning the best air fryer for a family of four:

What’s the perfect air fryer size to buy?

A family of four individuals can purchase a 4-quart, 5-quart, or 6-quart capacity air fryer. This size specification allows you to cook larger meals, enough for four individuals.

What food item can you cook with an air fryer for four individuals?

You can cook a wide range of food items with your air fryer for a family of four. For example, fries, chips, battered or breaded fish, chicken wings, chicken breasts, crispy foods, etc., are excellent choices to explore.

What’s the best air fryer for a family of four?

Out of the options mentioned in this post, the Instant Vortex Plus is the best air fryer for a family of four because it has a larger capacity than the others. The AUSPYRE digital air fryer is a close alternative with enough cooking space if the former doesn’t suit your preference.

Final Thoughts

The size of your family is a crucial consideration when you’re planning to purchase an air fryer. For a family of four individuals, you’ll want to prioritize capacity in terms of space and technology, ease of use, and cooking time, among other considerations. The three suggestions for the best air fryer for a family of four are great options to select from.