Best Air Fryer Accessories (Part 2)

So you have your new air fryer and a bag of parchment liners. What other air fryer accessories do you need to get the most out of your appliance?

Let us guide you through a few items which may well help you to bake, grill or pop out a pizza with your new machine. If you are looking for actual cooking advice, you can read more here.

Top Tip:

Basically, ANY silicone baking mould or tray is suitable to use in an air fryer, as long as it’s good quality and made of food grade silicone.

This means that you can use any silicone pans that you already own in your air fryer – if they fit. And also that any silicone-based air fryer accessories that you buy can be used in other compatible cooking appliances as well.

Baking Accessory

What Is It?

This is a non-stick baking dish which fits the dimensions of your appliance. 

They come in a range of shapes and sizes, depending on your model of air fryer. And added bonus – they are dishwasher safe.

Why Do I Need One?

You may think that you won’t be using your air fryer for baking, but the chances are that once you get the hang of your new toy and realise how easy it is to make a sticky toffee pudding in the thing, you’ll want to give it a go.

Unfortunately, your regular cake pans are unlikely to fit perfectly into the cooking cavity of your particular device. However, if they do, use them.

And remember that a silicone baking pan bought to air fry can also be used in a regular oven. You can find a selection of pans here – most all-rounders are designed to be compatible with the leading air fryer brands.

Silicone Muffin Cups/Cupcake Liners

What Are They?

Either a one-piece set of silicone molds for baking muffins or cupcakes in your air fryer or a set of individual cases. They are made from food grade silicone. 


Why Do I Need Them?

You can use regular paper muffin cases and patty pans for baking in your machine, but the silicone ones are more durable and so are worth considering in your air fryer accessories. They are also environmentally friendly and have the convenience of being a one-time purchase. One piece pans can be found here; individual mini reusable molds here. And if you want to make donuts or ring cakes, check out these pans.

Grill Pan Accessory

What Is It?

A non-stick pan which sits in the cooking cavity of your air fryer and maximises the grilling/frying surface. They often come with a pack of metal skewers to get you started with kebabs or koftas.

Why Do I Need One?

They are easy to clean and make the most of the grilling area inside your fryer.

It is worth noting that these are very popular air fryer accessories and those of us who use their device regularly find that it is one of their most commonly used extras. This is one accessory to definitely consider when starting out.

Pizza Pan

What It Is?

A thin pan for baking pizza which fits the dimensions of your appliance.

Why Do I Need One?

Pizzas are a breeze baked in an air fryer. The pan makes the process mess free as well.

Plus, reheating leftover pizza in an air fryer is heaps better than blasting it in the microwave. The fryer uses dry heat and this means that even a day-old Margherita comes out hot, crispy and appetising.

And if you feel like making your own pizzas from scratch, why not have a crack at this recipe here?

Multi-Purpose Rack 

What Is It?

A simple metal rack which sits inside the cooking chamber. Some brands include skewers fit into the racks’ design.

Why Do I Need One?

As the ‘multi-purpose’ name says, there are many uses for one of these, making them far more versatile than other air fryer accessories.

You can place food items directly on the rack for grilling or baking and they can be used as cooling racks for hot items when you take them out of the fryer. 

Best of all, if you buy a couple and stack them one on top of the other, they double the internal cooking area inside your air fryer. One of the biggest drawbacks of air frying is that if you are preparing food for more than one person, you will probably have to cook multi batches. Using racks is a brilliant solution to this problem.

If you buy a rack complete with skewers, you will enjoy the added bonus of being able to cook chicken kebabs without having to open the machine up halfway through the cooking time and turning everything over in the frying basket. Result!

Convection oven-style air fryer with plates of air fried food and lots of air fryer accessories.

Silicone Oil Brush

What Is It?

It looks like a regular pastry brush only with silicone bristles.

Why Do I Need One?

Most air frying is not oil-free cooking. It is reduced oil cooking. 

Sometimes you will introduce the oil to the food by pouring a little into the fryer. Sometimes you’ll get better results brushing a tiny bit of oil directly onto the food. This is when you’ll be pleased you bought a silicone oil brush. 

A regular, ‘hairy’ bristled brush gets clogged with oil very quickly making it unpleasant to clean and unhygienic if you don’t clean it thoroughly. A silicone brush rinses off easily in warm, soapy water.

Oil Sprayer Bottle

What Is It?

A clear, food grade glass or plastic bottle with a spray/mister head which allows you to spray a fine mist of oil directly onto food. 

And don’t forget that a little bit of oil applied straight to a crumbed lamb chop can also help to keep those pesky breadcrumbs in place!

Why Do I Need One?

Of all the air fryer accessories described in this article, this might seem to be the most unnecessary purchase. Well, we don’t think so.

Yes, you can often pour oil straight into your air fryer, but sometimes the results are better if you spray the food directly with a fine layer of cooking oil.

But can’t I just use an aerosol can of oil from the supermarket? 

There are 3 reasons why spraying oil from a specially bought dispenser rather than an aerosol can is a good idea:

  • Most aerosols contain harsh ingredients which will erode the non-stick surface of your cooking basket.
  • Aerosols work out far more expensive in the long term. It’s cheaper to buy a big bottle of your favourite cooking oil and pour it into an oil mister bottle.
  • Not all oils are easy to find in aerosols. The best oils to air fry with are ones with a high smoking point. This is oils like avocado oil, peanut oil and light extra virgin olive oil. Whilst the range of aerosol oils is expanding all the time, you may struggle to find avocado or peanut oil in a spray can. Just buy your own oil mister and fill it with your preferred oil.

At the end of the day, there are loads of air fryer accessories on the market. You need to work out what you want to cook and buy accordingly. And if you’re looking for more air fryer accessories inspiration, you can read more here.

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