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Hi there, my name is Emma Faye and I discovered a love of cooking as a teenager when my mother gave me permission to ‘go vegetarian’ so long as I cooked my own meals.

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Well, I’ve been a keen cook ever since (although I’m no longer a vegetarian) and I enjoy talking, writing and advising about home cooking to anybody who expresses an interest.

I get a kick out of trying new foods, flavours, cooking techniques and mastering new equipment. My mission is to share my love of cooking and eating experiences as widely as possible.

This site is focused on air fryers. I’m trying to debunk the complexity about how air fryers work, how healthy they are and how to go about choosing the right one for you. There are now many air fryers available in Australia but this wasn’t always the case, and this explosion in supply has only made life more confusing.

Got to any kitchen appliance retail outlet (or simply visit Amazon Australia) and you will now see dozens of air fryers, some from brands that you know well but many from brands that you’ve never heard from. They range considerably in price, capabilities and customer reviews.

Where to start? It can be overwhelming.

As marketing experts will attest – too much consumer choice can be problematic: it leads to action paralysis and a reluctance to ‘get off the fence’. What if I’m wrong?….

Well, we’re here to help you choose the right air fryer, at the right price, for the type of cook that you are and the lifestyle and budget that you working with. Simple…. I hope.

A while back, I found myself in the position that you may find yourself in now: I’d heard of air fryers, I was very interested in the prospect of a healthier alternative to pan frying and I wanted to inform myself of whether this was a purchase I should be considering.

And if it was, what was the best air fryer for my family circumstances, budget and space considerations? Not all air fryers are created equal, after all 😉

I was unable to find a site or specialist resource that was able to give me the knowledge that I needed to make an informed purchase decision. Out of this frustration came the impetus to launch AirFry Australia and to fill in many of the gaps that had stymied me.

How I Create Content

Everything you read on this site has been written by me or one of my partners. I believe in authenticity and I try very hard to ensure that all the information published is accurate and can be trusted.

Wherever possible, I will have gotten my hands on the air fryers mentioned in this blog to get a real-world experience of how they operate and the results they deliver. If I haven’t physically been able to try out the equipment myself then I will extensively research online feedback from real customers who have bought these items.

I have also spent considerable time talking to staff in local stores about the training they’ve received from manufacturers and distributors and the experiences they’ve had with customers, both prospective and actual.

My mission is to make this the best online resource for researching and planning an air fryer purchase in Australia. I want you to enjoy your time in the kitchen, have realistic expectations of the model you end up choosing and to have confidence that you have made the right purchase decision.

If this rings a bell for you, then I’m delighted to have you on board. Welcome, and I look forward to having you read our articles, guides and recipes. 

Our Reviews and Buying Guides

We’re here to help you make the best buying decision for you. Our reviews are without fear or favour and are unbiased and independent. We want you to buy the best air fryer and accessories for you.

We are a free site to use but we may receive commissions if you click our links and make a purchase. However, this does not impact (and has never influenced) our reviews and comparisons.

Our mission is to be fair, balanced and impartial. We are fiercely proud of this and are here to help you find the best air fryer (and recipes and accessories) for you and your particular circumstances.

If it’s your first visit, I would suggest that you begin here.

Emma Faye